Sunday, March 13, 2011

last night

Photo By Christina Kretchmer

lust-kissed stains on a navel
adventurous lips exploring her land
his fingertips colonizing her sacred places
touches chilling her core
she drips from condensation
writing love letters in her skin
watching each letter stream
hitting the floor
oh, all the letters they’ve written in the dark and walked upon in the day
their bodies and breath in rhythm, harmonizing a capella
a choir directed by love
producing a sound that drives her to tears
he licks them away
his grip tight, her body relaxed within his security and safeness
bodies so close, his heart pumps her blood to continue her existence
her lungs give him breath to moan praises to her name
from the outside in he kissing the scars left
from wars fought long ago against
careless visitors who stomped all over her terrains
he’s delicate
treats her body like a sanctuary
a body that gives him life and is the host of creation
he caresses the outside of her womb with his tongue
in gratitude
she guides his head to places that his irises have yet to see
trembling as he finds her undiscovered islands
no mouth can formulate a coherent word in this moment
their bodies talk in many tongues
no translator
their bodies understand each other’s language
knees shattered, she breaks his bones
with just the air from her mouth around his loins
shadows on the wall
a puppet show
telling a story of endless love
making, until their bodies beg for rest
laying wrapped up in sheets with embedded
sweat-shaped outlines
whispering the secrets of where they’ve been
heaven and back


  1. That was so nice! I really enjoyed it!

    Froso from Style Nirvana.

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